RM38.50 RM25.50

Protect your laptop from theft with a laptop lock and cable
Fit the lock into the security port in your laptop and use the steel cable and loop to fix your device to your desk or wrist to prevent theft
Rugged but lightweight design -ideal for travellers
How to use it:
To set your personal combination, following these steps:
1. Push the number-adjusting rod of lock inward. (The original number is0-0-0-0).
2. Set your sectrt combination by turning the dials.
3. Decontrol number-adjusting red and let it to return to the original position.
4. Open the lock again now your new personal code is set.
5. Remember your personal code well and check that the lock functions normal.
6. The product is also suit to a travelling bag.
If you want to change the combination, repeat the above steps.