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~DVI-I 24+5 M TO HDMI 19P F ADAPTER ~Connectors: DVI-I 24+5 Pin Male, HDMI Female ~Connects computers with DVI-I connectors to analog HDMI HDTV or projectors ~Extending HDMI cable by using existing DVI-I cable Make sure your television or whatever you are connecting this to have DVI-I 24+5 (as it states in the title) and not a 24+1 DVI-D before purchasing. The typical use of this adapter is going from a video card (which has DVI-I) to a TV or monitor that has HDMI, though you would still need an HDMI cable between this adapter and the display. DVI-I is a connector that is compatible with both DVI-A (analog) and DVI-D (digital), which are not compatible. DVI-A is largely a computer format. DVI-D is the consumer variety of DVI, the one that most people consider to be the same as HDMI without the audio (slightly inaccurately); it has found its way into the computer world between certain video cards and displays. DVI w/HDCP is DVI-D that carries the digital copy protection that is found most commonly on HDMI; at the dawn of DVI on consumer-video products, HDCP wasn’t always included, sometimes making it incompatible with subsequent products that demanded it. DVI, component, and HDMI are all capable of resolutions higher than 720p.