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With its thin diameter and long cable, it can easily fit through small cracks and holes where your hands and eyes can’t reach. Its camera is armed with a semi-bendable cable which can bend easily in any confined place.This product has a second generation camera chip at 30fps which is a great advantage over other products at 10fps in the same marketplace and provides image or record video at around 1600x1200p resolution. It is also equipped with a 6 adjustable blue LED light on its camera tip to improve the lighting in dark or low light areas. Hence, better image quality.

Just as the Depstech, it has a waterproof camera but with a diameter of 8mm, which is in a good way smaller than it. This 10-meter-long BlueFire Endoscope has a semi-rigid cable which can allow you to control the direction of the camera particularly in confined small spaces where it’s hard to see.

It comes with a 2 megapixels CMOS HD camera for HD videos and pictures, it even has 6 adjustable LED lights around the camera so you can see clearly through the dark spaces. Its picture is very clear and precise with 3 adjustable resolutions of 320×240, 640×480, and 1280×720 and you can easily switch between them.

Please note that it’s normal for the camera to turn hot especially when the LED is at its brightest, however, this will not affect the lifespan of this Endoscope.