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HDMI Male to VGA Female converter adapter HDMI to VGA Connector + Mini Micro HDMI Adapter + 3.5 MM Plug Audio Cable For HDTV PC Description: Perfect solution for all HDMI devices output to VGA devices This product is a portable digital-analog conversion line, defined through All HDMI input sources, you can convert audio and video output for VGA +Audio. The HDMI to VGA Adapter allows for aconnection to VGA monitors and projectors supporting a maxinum resolution of 1920X1080 Products are widely applied to: Computer / DVD / digital set-top box / laptop / mobile phone / digital camera / Table PC / media player / arange of HD sources such as input devices. Audio and video signals to the TV / monitor / projector output. To solve a simple user operation of the dispaly device connectivity solutions. Specifications: Flexible design and realize a line through function. No external power supply, plug and play Product resolution can be up to 720P/1080i/1080P Product output audio source for:3.5 or 3.5audio socket to R + L Input: HDMI+Mini HDMI+Micro HDMI Output: VGA + Audio Package Included: 1 x HDMI to VGA Cable (male to female LENTH=20CM) 1 x Audio(3.5mm) Cable (male to male Lenth=100CM) 1 x Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter 1 x Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter