RM57.50 RM41.20

Crystal transparent, streamlined design, full of nobilitySuper Big Mac, super mute fan, be careful with your book cold;
 Uses high heat-resistant and heat dissipation function of the acrylic material creating;
A single huge fan, cool, feels very cool in use, loved by friends;

 Four transparent round feet, cool!Very suitable for and below;
The latex pad provides a round rubber pad with high friction coefficient around to ensure that the notebook is stable and not easy to slide.

Color: white, light blue, light purple, Tawny (not necessarily all colors are available, try to meet the color you want)

[Baby features]

The corners of the radiator panel are finely treated and will not bring scratches to this book.
Reasonable slope setting makes you more comfortable when using this book!
After using the notebook for a long time, cooling down becomes a logical thing. Due to the continuous improvement of frequency, the temperature of the mainstream notebook is getting higher and higher for a long time. In order to better protect your love “Ben” does need to cool down. The latex pad can help our notebook stay away from the pain of high temperature and ensure the normal operation of this notebook.
Blow heat directly to the bottom of the notebook computer, force the notebook heat out, and introduce cold air to increase the air flow at the bottom of the notebook, so that all heating elements in the inner part of the notebook computer can get heat dissipation, effectively maintain the low temperature working environment of the inner part.