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Type C To VGA Converter Adapter USB 3.1 10Gbps Type-C Male To VGA Female Cable for Macbook Chromebook PC HDTV Laptop Features: 1. for mobile phones, for MAC BOOK notebooks, tablets 2. 24pin connector, on the 12pin, under 12pin. 3. C-type interface socket size and micro usb specifications as small, about 8.3mm * 2.5mm, can withstand 10,000 times repeated plug 4. the maximum transmission speed up to 5GP / S twice as fast than 3.0. Standard wiring with C-TYPE connector can pass 3-5A current 5. USB3.0 hub is an external (requires a free USB3.0 computer interface). Through the USB3.0 data cable for data transmission and power supply, quickly add four speed USB3.0 interface to your computer. Support USB3.0 disk drives, high-resolution cameras, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras and multi-channel audio and other high-bandwidth peripherals. USB3.0 transfer speed reached 5.0Gb / s (actual speed 80MB / s), down support USB2.0 and USB1.1 It can be used with the widest range of USB devices and allows multiple USB3.0 and legacy USB devices to operate simultaneously. The built-in current protection device protects the connected equipment and the Hub itself for an additional period of time, providing greater durability and reliability. USB 3.1 TYPE-C to VGA HD line 1. Input Interface: The latest USB3.1 Type-C interface 2.USB3.1 Type -C interface is about 8.25 * 2.4mm 3.USB3.1 Type-C interface contains 24pin terminals, support for positive and negative plug 4. Data transfer rate can reach USB 3.1 10Gbps 5. Slim design, mini size 6. Output interface: external high-definition VGA devices such as: monitor projector TV with HD equipment (Widely used for notebook for Macbook Air 12-inch USB3.1 output on the external HDMI devices such as high definition: monitor projector TV with HD external devices)